School of Innovation, Leadership and Efficacy

(SILE- pronounced See-Lay)

Wondering what you can do to further the cause of Restorative Education? If you live in the Oakland Bay Area in Northern California, you will be relieved to know that a new school is coming soon to our area!

SILE is the practical application for Restorative Education. The school will initially focus on elementary age students and is targeted to open in the Fall of 2019. Expansion for middle and high school are projected to occur over 10 years.

School Vision:

Preparing students to be innovative change makers and critical thinkers working towards creating a just world.

School Mission:

Providing comprehensive, respectful and community based learning with a focus on best practices and efficacy; honoring the diverse cultures and experiences within the African American community.

SILE WEB of Excellence

World Citizens

Educational and Economic Opportunity

Building Community

Social, Environmental and Cultural Justice

In addition to providing a rigorous academic curriculum, music and the arts, SILE will teach to the soul of each child. Our underlying premise (which is lacking in so many public schools) is that African American students are vulnerable, sensitive learners in need of careful and gentle attention.

Applying restorative education (RE) is transformative- it takes the blame off of the victim. It does NOT say, “Those children under achieve because they are poor”. It does NOT say, “Those children under achieve because they are from broken families”. It does NOT say, “Those children come from damaged communities”. Restorative Education says, “How can we as educators increase achievement among these vulnerable learners?” It says, “How can we tear down barriers and take responsibility for the success of children’s leaning”. “How do we create suitable funding models for all schools, state and nationwide? How do we tear down bias against African American students? How do we make teaching a viable profession for members of the African American community? How do we tear down bias against African American educators and create equitable hiring practices in the industry? How do we teach specific strategies that have been proven to increase achievement among those students? How do we heal the academic ‘dis-ease’ of students who have been neglected and abused in education?” Restorative Education places the burden squarely on the education system and not on the student whom we have failed to educate.

In a society and educational system that values individualism, it can be difficult for African American children, who thrive academically in collaborative settings, to be nurtured- To feel validated and supported and get their basic academic needs met. SILE will be the safe space that is needed for so many, with the social and emotional depth required to transform the educational experience for many students, their families and their communities.

You can help by volunteering your time, money and energy, attending community engagement events or helping at enrollment fairs and recruitment drives. Be sure and tell the crew I sent you!

Lasha Pierce MD

Executive Director

Academy for Restorative Education

Co-Founder of SILE School

Oakland CA



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